MOXIE:/noun 1. a person with unique resolve and courage about life

2. determination, spunk, tenacity

Fed up with misleading ingredients and questionable fragrances, our founder created a truly unique formula based on the concept of using old fashion ingredients for modern needs


Moxie Soap Makers Ltd. was founded by an accomplished Holistic Nutritionist, an avid Natural Product Advisor and mom. With her extensive background in natural health products, nutraceuticals and beauty care, our founder felt the only way to really understand and control what is being applied on her family’s delicate skin is to make it herself or pair with companies with complete transparency. Being a passionate public speaker for the natural health industry and the environment, our founder discovered a strong voice to make positive changes one bar of soap at a time.

Being the daughter of a cancer survivor inspired our founder to create and seek high quality ingredients and brands made by nature designed for nature. By combining the perfect blend of natural and effective ingredients with unique dessert inspired scents, our founder established The Laundry Tarts All Natural Laundry Products, Aunt Flow’s Lady Stain Bar and Dirty Dick’s Soap Company.

From humble beginnings as a small basement operation, Moxie’s Soap Makers Ltd. has since grown tremendously to include a national sales team, a full production facility in Aurora, Ontario and nation-wide availability. With your ongoing support, we strive to continue to create new products and brands for you to enjoy.

We would like to thank all of our supporters coast to coast, from our grassroots stores providing parents and conscious consumers with our unique products, to national retailers for their valued partnerships.